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Readme[edit | edit source]


This Wiki is about the 3.3.5 version of MaloWBot, a World of Warcraft addon specifically designed for the 'Wrath of the Multiboxer' private server: https://discord.gg/K9d6enqy24

MalowBotLK is an addon with the purpose of multiboxing, i.e. play multiple toons at once, most likely but not neccesarily on a single computer.

Master repo: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWBotLK

Currently only supports: Retribution Paladins, Enhancement Shamans, Arms Warriors, Holy Paladins, Protection Paladins and Combat Rogues. You can find more supported classes over on

Devon's fork: https://github.com/ChrisCGalbraith/MaloWBotLK

If you have just a little coding experience then adding more classes and specs is easy by modifying the files in the /classes/ folder.

This addon requires Lua-unlocking to work, as it automates rotations and stuff. You can find a Lua-unlocker that Malow has coded in the above Discord Server in the #faq room.

While the first two are designed for Alliance by default,

Honey's fork: https://github.com/55Honey/MaloWBotLK is set to work for horde and alliance by default, and has adopted all existing class modules MaloW and Devon have made and added some on top.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Typically MalowBotLK is controlled with macros. You can have a look at the readme.md documentation for some examples.

All-in-one starter packages are available at Discord either with Hotkeynet or with MaloWLK Multibox Assistant.

They both include a detailed Readme. Your questions regarding it go to the #general room of the WotMB discord.

Macros[edit | edit source]

A list of frequently used macros can be found on the Macros page.

The API[edit | edit source]

Visit the Functions page for a List of the available API.

Available specs and sources[edit | edit source]

For Malows class modules go to the Master-repo.

For Devons class modules go to Devons fork. Also has all of Malows class modules.

For Honeys class modules go to Honeys fork. Also has all of Malows and Devons class modules.

Stat weights[edit | edit source]

Check the Config page for suggested weights. Be aware these weights are subject to change during progression and have certain hard- and/or softcaps which are not taken into account by these numbers.

Talents[edit | edit source]

(C) indicates the requirement to customization, most likely change a name in the class module. Details ahead refer to Honey's fork.

Blood Tank Honey
Frost Tank /
Unholy DPS Honey
Balance Devon
Feral Bear Devon
Feral Cat Devon
Restoration Devon

Balance Druids: Remove one point from Celestial Focus to pick up Typhoon.

Beast Master /
Marksmanship Honey
Survival /
Arcane Devon (C)
Fire /
Frost Honey (by patchs)
Holy Malow
Protection Malow
Retribution Malow

The first retribution Paladin wants to drop 2 points in Seals of the Pure and Vindication to get Sanctified Retribution and Swift Retribution. The Git version from Malow and Devon has Alliance seals while Honey's is adjusting automatically. Spell names need to be changed for the other faction accordingly.

Discipline Devon
Holy Devon
Shadow Honey
Assassination /
Combat Malow
Subtlety /
Elemental Devon
Enhancement Malow
Restoration Devon
Affliction Devon
Demonology Devon
Destruction Honey
Arms Malow
Fury /
Protection Honey (C)

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Have a look at the encounters page for macros and tactics regarding certain fights.

Warning! This section contains spoilers and premade code, which makes the content significantly more easy.
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